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Professionals and organizations operating in a hyper-competitive, time-sensitive environment tend to focus on developing and maintaining professional expertise, hiring the best in that field, devoting resources to maintaining credentials and proficiency, and staying ahead of the curve and on top of their fields.  The most cutting-edge organizations, however, approach the development and care of their primary assets – their talent – as an integrated concept involving a variety of factors: professional expertise, mental and physical well-being, social and communal interaction and economic sustainability. Devoting resources, time and attention to the development and well-being of the Whole Professional is equally as important as developing areas of expertise.   

The consultants at OM create programs designed to support organizations and individuals in promoting well-being, as an area of professional development.   Programs designed to support the Whole Professional proactively develop individual and relational skills and strategies that are proven to help reduce stress and anxiety while fostering communications, resilience and well-being.  Investing in the well-being of an organization’s talent is investing its future.


It is the best business decision the leaders of an organization can make.


The Organizational Mindfulness programs provide professionals with the tools and experiences to deal more effectively with stress, inefficient multitasking, distraction, unproductive encounters and communications at work.  The practice of taking the time to be with your immediate experience and pay attention to what is going on in your mind and body may at first seem antithetical to a busy professional. Yet developing the skills to slow down, observe and be with what arises is a powerful method to identify and regulate emotions.  With consistent practice, over time people generate options for responding to these experiences and states, as opposed to simply reacting in potentially destructive and devastating ways that have long-standing personal and professional ramifications.


An increasingly studied process, mindfulness is earning its place in legal services, healthcare, education and corporate settings. Mindfulness, a state of nonjudgmental, present moment awareness, trains the mind to not to get lost in rumination about the past or anxieties about the future. Remaining calm, present, self-aware and alert, rather than succumbing to the slippery slope of negative emotions, has innumerable benefits for the workplace, from promoting personal and professional well-being, creating more harmonious working relationships to improving communications skills to developing more focused and efficient professionals.


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