After decades in the professional services arena, we observed how today’s working environment has evolved over the years.   It is faster, more demanding and more stressful than ever. The toll on the workforce of today, particularly within the high-stress environment of the legal industry, is profound.

With backgrounds in business, psychology, and communications, we wanted to offer an alternative approach.  We provide organizational effectiveness and employee well-being programs based on mindfulness.  Our mission is to enhance individual and company performance, resilience and communication. 

We are mindfulness practitioners and certified mindfulness teachers.   Our approach is to offer a series of proven mindfulness tools specifically designed for legal professionals, as well as an ability to customize a program specifically for your organization.  We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs and can deliver the majority of our programs in person, via webinar, in an on-demand format or off-site in a retreat format.  


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