The greatest asset any organization has – and its unique competitive advantage – is its talent.  Retaining, developing and caring for that talent is an organization’s top priority. Professional development is a crucial tool employed towards that end.   


The importance of cultivating an organizational culture that enables individuals to thrive has never been more important.


But today’s working environment is faster, busier and more stressful than ever.  Almost three billion people globally are employed and face on-going job stress that impacts their performance, efficiency and work quality.  And it is constant.   Communications suffer.  Professional relationships break down. Performance deteriorates. Job burnout happens. Top performers leave.


By necessity, professional development has become an integrated practice, focused now on developing the Whole Professional, not merely focusing on one specific area of professional expertise.  


The consultants at OM understand this because they understand that professionals are complex human beings, indeed, operating like any complex system.  When one component of the system is out of alignment, the “whole” is not operating at maximum capacity – and may even eventually break down altogether.  


OM offers traditional teachings and current science to help cultivate well-being and resilience for individuals and the organization as a whole.  Through workshops, performance coaching and mindfulness practices, we help professionals become more focused, efficient, and productive. In custom-designed sessions, OM will help you develop effective, compassionate leaders, as well as better communicators.  In group and individual sessions, participants will learn stress reduction techniques that emphasize the role of the mind-body connection.


All of OM’s programs are custom-designed meet the specific needs and goals of the individuals and organizations with whom we work.


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