It is well-documented that work-related stress can take a toll on employees’ health and well-being and professionals in the financial services industry are under substantial pressures.  Data suggests that the financial crisis and increased personal responsibility under new regulations are taking their toll on those working in the industry.  According to research by HR consultancy AdviserPlus, the financial services sector has the highest percentage of employee absences due to mental ill health.


But a quiet revolution is taking over the financial services industry in an effort to combat the stress and improve employee well-being and resilience. Companies such as KPMG, Goldman Sachs and the Bank of England have presented mindfulness in well-being seminars to encourage staff to use meditation apps such as Headspace.  Banks, fund managers and professional services firms are adopting the form of stress relief that allows greater clarity of thought in a world dominated by technology.   This expanded awareness teaches them to respond rationally, rather than react emotionally.

Using a wide variety mindfulness and coaching tools, OM consultants work with financial services organizations and individuals to:

  • help improve focus and efficiency;

  • foster improved communications;

  • improve resilience and well-being.


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