Organizational Mindfulness

With backgrounds in business, psychology, and communications, we offer an alternative approach to professional development.  Our mission is to enhance individual and organizational focus, efficiency, well-being and resilience through mindfulness traditions and practices.

We are certified mindfulness teachers,coming from a rich tapestry of successful careers in the legal industry, academia, and with backgrounds in business, communications and counseling. Despite our varied experience, we have found one common thread that drives all that we do:  the understanding that workplace well-being is essential to all successful organizations.   Our approach is to offer a series of proven mindfulness tools specifically designed for professional services, as well as an ability to customize a program specifically for your organization.  We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs and can deliver the majority of our programs in person, via webinar, in an on-demand format or off-site retreats.

The Organizational Mindfulness programs provide professionals with the tools and experiences to deal more effectively with stress, inefficient multitasking, distraction, unproductive encounters and communications at work, thereby cultivating a more focused, efficient and resilient work environment.

Introduction to the Mindful Leader

A brief introduction to mindfulness practice and its benefits in a work environment.  At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Operationally define mindfulness and demonstrate the importance of attention

  • Identify the role of mindfulness in leadership and the workplace

  • Identify key benefits of mindfulness 

  • Plan and set intentions for a beginning personal practice

  • Identify and implement basic strategies for enhancing mindfulness within the organization both short-term and long-term

  • Identify and access resources for additional learning  


Comprehensive Mindfulness Practices in the Workplace Program

This comprehensive program allows participants to immerse more deeply in the learning and practice of Mindfulness, while experiencing the impact of consistent practice over time. Participants will engage in daily Mindfulness practices drawing from a range of practices, such as breath meditation, compassion meditation, body scans, and mindful movement. At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explore moment-to-moment experience

  • Develop awareness of how one operates on “automatic pilot” and in conditioned ways

  • Identify what paying attention and being mindful really means 

  • Work with the nine attitudes of Mindfulness, as they apply to both personal and professional life

  • Develop practical skills for mindful living and working

  • Identify a network of people and resources for continued practice

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